The Royal British Legion, Harwell Branch


Membership is open to all sections of the community, whether serving, ex service or non service.

Please note that the Harwellian Club has separate membership arrangements (see the Harwellian Club website).


For members who joined during or after April 2015 renewal is due each year on the anniversary of joining.

For members who joined before April 2015 renewal is due on 1st October each year.

Branch reminders and membership cards are handled centrally by the National Legion and Novacroft on their behalf. Members should receive a reminder letter from the National Legion before membership runs out.

Payment methods include direct debit, credit card and Pay Point, see your renewal letter for more information. Please Note: the Bar staff cannot accept renewals. 

Membership Cards should be sent direct to the member’s address after payment has been received.

The renewal payment is £19 for the National Legion and Harwell Branch, made up of National Legion membership fee (£17) and Harwell Branch administration fee (£2).


You can join the Branch online via the National Website.

New members receive one year’s Harwell Branch and Legion membership from the date they join.

The new members payment is £21. This is the annual £19 membership fees with a £2 joining fee.

Members of other Branches can also join Harwell Branch or they can transfer to the Harwell Branch.

There are various benefits and discounts offered to National Legion Members, including a regular magazine. See the National Website for further details.    

Last updated 22 February 2019 with information from Peter Cox, Branch Secretary

Standards at Anniversary Parade 2008

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